CEIS Ayrshire has been supporting people into employment in North Ayrshire from 2004. We have since extended our service throughout Ayrshire, Dumfries & Galloway and beyond.

We have a strong track record in supporting individuals from all backgrounds who have faced barriers to entering the job market or simply accessing the type of job they want. Working closely with individuals, we develop a step-by-step programme to help people into employment, supporting them along the way.

We offer a range of services to support individuals who are currently unemployed and those who are in employment but seek further development or advanced job opportunities.

If you are currently unemployed, click here

If you are currently employed, click here

You can contact our team at enquiries@ceisayrshire.co.uk or by telephone or drop into one of our local offices

Testimonial from Radio City, Kilbirnie

The support from CEIS Ayrshire in Kilbirnie has enabled my team to work in partnership to develop bespoke opportunities within the local area. This flexibility continues to support those furthest from the labour market into education, training and employment.

“I feel we have built up a very good relationship with CEIS Ayrshire, especially since the move to Radio City.

CEIS Ayrshire staff member (Cheryl) has also been very accommodating in seeing any of my customers who wish their CV updated, wish to join her job club or require help with their IT skills.

CEIS Ayrshire delivery has been instrumental in the success of the “Nail Your Application” events and feedback from customers is also very positive in the way she has helped them in their search for work” .

“Without CEIS Ayrshire having an infrastructure in Kilbirnie we would not have had the facilities to deliver Nail Your Application. Working in close partnership with CEIS Klbirnie enabled JCP, CEIS Ayrshire, Community Education & Skills Development Scotland to create an innovated, claimant centred opportunity “Nail Your Application”

To date we have worked in partnership to deliver 5 sessions since June 14, to 49 Jobseekers, with 12 of those customers leaving benefit within 13 weeks.

We also work in close partnership with Cheryl to support, what our claimants request. CV Workshops, Assistance with Online Application Forms, Mock Interviews, Computer Skills, REHIS Training and have accessed CEIS Ayrshire to support with recruitment also.

In short CEIS Ayrshire Kilbirnie is a real opportunity for our customer base, and having a partner within the locale has helped us to create fantastic results together and ensure great partnership working relationship”

“I’ve found Cheryl and her team to be very supportive in operating the Community Work Programme. She has been of great assistance in helping our longer term customers improve their computing skills and her Food Hygiene Certificate programme has increased our customer’s employability. She is very approachable to Work Coaches and customers and is always striving to meet our customer’s needs.

Various Advisors & Manager, Job Centre Kilbirnie