Job Search Techniques

CEIS Ayrshire is committed to helping individuals find jobs best suited to their skills. We work with a number of local employers and partners to create a database of current jobs to match candidates to.

Once a candidate is matched, we will help them fill in application forms and write CV’s.

CV writing

Filling an application form or writing a CV can be a difficult task for some, who may lack key written skills. Our expert advisers will work with candidates, providing training to ensure key information and skills are included and highlighting the pitfalls to offer the candidate the best opportunity to progress in the application process.

If a customer is offered an interview or a job, a pre-work intervention is offered and will include targeted interview techniques, travel planning, in-work benefits advice and in-work support.

Interview techniques

Interviews can be daunting, especially for those who have never been through the process or haven’t been through it in a while. They can come in different forms i.e. competency-based, role playing etc and our expert advisers are here to support you and provide you with key information and skills to succeed.

Skills for the job

Our adviser will work with candidates to identify any personal or vocational skills development or training course requirements to ensure the candidate is fully qualified and suitable for the job.

For further information on our skills development and training courses, click here.

To talk to our advisers about help with searching for a job, contact us by email, by telephone or drop into one of our local offices.