First Steps To Success

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CEIS Ayrshire recently completed our 4-day STEPS course with a group of individuals at our Radio City office.

The programme is a great motivator, helping individuals identify their key skills and realise their true potential. Some key areas of development include:

  • Stretching your comfort zones
  • Manage Personal Change
  • Understanding deep routed behaviours
  • Consistently set and achieve challenging goals
  • See potential in others

Testimonials from our March/April 2014 course participants

‘I have learnt about thinking outside the box and how thinking outside the box can help me solve problems, so I don’t get stuck in them’.

‘I have enjoyed coming to the course each week and learning to look at things differently’.

‘I have enjoyed finding out about goal setting, and expanding my comfort zones. This is important to me as I was playing safe, not stretching my imagination on things I could achieve. I was holding myself back’.

‘I found the video of the creative subconscious most interesting as this made me think about things in a new way. Also visualization, which I have never really understood before’.

‘I am not very confident and this has made me more so’.

‘I am now trying to think creatively, recognising obstacles and resolving them’.

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